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Academic Pentathlon

The Academic Pentathlon prepares students for success in college and careers by building 21st century skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and character.
Academic Pentathlon is an exciting five-event competition for grades six, seven, and eight. The program engages students of all achievement levels in a variety challenging academic events.
Under the guidance of an adult coach, teams of students prepare for competition in the subject areas of fine arts (art and music), literature (including essay analysis), math, science, and social science.
The program supports the achievement of the following California Local Control and Accountability​ Plan (LCAP) priorities:

Positive Student Outcomes

Survey results from students who participated in the 2017-18 Academic Pentathlon:
  • 94% reported improved skills in critical thinking
  • 82% reported improved skills in communication
  • 87% reported improved skills in team-work
  • 66% reported improved creativity
  • 77% reported development of stronger character traits


The program encourages active involvement and collaboration of teachers, administrators, students and parents.
  • 88% reported that the program helped them to build relationships with their peers
  • 76% reported that the program helped them become more involved at school
Each grade level also competes in an exciting Super Quiz relay, a team event where parents, faculty, and classmates cheer for their teams from the sidelines, championing academics much like the environment of a sporting event. The top scoring teams and individual students are awarded medals and plaques.