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Code of Conduct

Canoga Park Middle School strives to maintain a safe, clean, and calm campus.  CPMS Explorers are expected to be courteous and friendly.  The entire school promotes a “Be Kind” attitude.  Explorers are expected to act in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their parents, and their school.  Students are responsible for respecting the rights of other students, being courteous to teachers and other adults, showing friendliness and cooperation to substitute teachers, making a conscientious effort to do well in all classes, and following the school rules and regulations. Canoga Park Middle School supports a Positive Behavioral Approach which reinforces positive interactions in everyday situations and supports a proactive approach to maintaining a safe campus.  The following guidelines are provided so that students, parents, and teachers are aware of the standards students must maintain at our school.
CPMS Explorers are:
  • Not allowed to bring valuables to school.  The school is not responsible for and will not replace any lost or stolen property. Items such as: Cell Phones, AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, large sums of money, video games, or any other electronic devices should remain at home. Expensive jewelry does not belong at school including valuable collectibles (vintage items).  Unauthorized use of electronics (including but not limited to cell phones, gaming systems, etc.) may result in confiscation of the device until a parent/guardian comes to school to retrieve the device.
  • Not allowed to wear or carry any attire or insignia that is gang-related or symbolic of gang affiliation.
  • Not allowed to participate in excessive expressions of affection.
  • Not allowed to falsify signatures on any note or other school document (forgery).
  • Not allowed to defy, willfully disobey, or exhibit rudeness toward any school personnel.
  • Not allowed to use or take items that do not belong to them.
  • Not allowed to use technology without the teachers’ permission.
  • Not allowed to take pictures, record and/or post video/audio without written consent.
  • Not allowed to gamble on school grounds.
  • Not allowed to sell products for personal gain.
  • Not allowed to possess, use, or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Not allowed to smoke, bring cigarettes, tobacco, vape products, or e-cigarettes on campus.
  • Not allowed to bring illegal items/inappropriate to school, such as cigarette lighters, firecrackers, stink bombs, water balloons, or permanent markers at school.
  • Not allowed to have weapons in their possession- for example: a gun, knife, razor blade, spiked accessory, wallet chains or any object considered to be a weapon. 
  • Not allowed to participate in any form of bullying: cyberbullying, physical bullying, social or relational bullying, and/ or verbal or non-verbal bullying.
  • Not allowed to encourage others to fight.
  • Not allowed to fight on campus and/or on the way to and from school.
  • Not allowed to use profanity, threatening behavior, hateful or harmful language, or gestures directed at an adult and/or other student.  This includes sexual harassment and racial slurs in any language. This includes in person or social media.
  • Not allowed to deface or destroy school property.  Property damage will be assessed, and parents will be liable.
  • Not allowed to leave trash in the lunch area.
Violations of these rules may result in a suspension and/or transfer to another school.  
Safety On School Grounds
  • Students may use the PE field to participate in organized lunchtime sports or sit and socialize.  Backpacks are not allowed on the PE field.
  • The cafeteria is a supervised area where seated students eat at lunch tables and clean area of all trash before leaving.
  • Parking lots are off-limits to students.
  • No running in the hallways or eating area.
  • All bikes will be parked and locked in the bike racks. *
  • Bikes, roller blades, scooters and /or skateboards may not be ridden on campus at any time. *
  • the end of the day, students are to leave the school grounds or join one of our organized and supervised activities once school has ended each day.
*The school is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.
The use of cell phones, Airpods, earbuds, headphones, etc, are not allowed during school hours.  Cell Phones (and accessories) must be stored in a backpack, locker, purse, pocket, or other place where they are not visible during school hours. Phones may NOT be used during passing periods or lunch. “Texting” during the school day is not allowed.  Students must comply anytime a request is made to cease the use of a cell phone or give it to a staff member. Cell phones (and/or accessories) will be confiscated if they ring, vibrate or are used during the school day and returned by the teacher or staff to parent/guardian/caregiver.  Students may not use cell phones to take photos, videos, or record voices on campus.  The school is not responsible for cell phones or devices which are lost or stolen.
Any student who leaves the classroom during instructional time MUST:
  • Properly wear the Explorers Orange Vest Hall Pass at all times.
  • Follow the 10-minute rule, leaving class the first and/or last ten minutes of class.
  • Not abuse hall pass privileges and may be required to make up lost instructional time at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Wear hall pass vest or be directed back to the classroom.
  • Have written pass or referral if they are going to the Library or any office during class time.
  • Students are to arrive to class on time each and every period. 
  • Any student arriving to class tardy three times in a 5 week period may be issued a U for that class in Work Habits or Cooperation for each grading period.
Students must understand that school lockers are the property of the Los Angeles Unified School District and that they must obey the following rules or face consequences up to and including the loss of my locker privilege and restitution for any damage.  
  • TARDIES – Problems related to lockers may not be accepted as tardy excuses.
  • SHARING – Students must not share their lockers with others. Locker combinations are not to be shared. Students are responsible for all items that are in my assigned locker.
  • CONTRABAND – Articles must not be kept in the locker if it is against the law or school board policy. A school administrator or designee may inspect the contents of the locker at any time. If things are found in the locker that are prohibited by law or school board policy, the administrator or designee may remove them for safe keeping or investigation.
  • LOCKER ABUSE – Kicking, hitting, slamming, defacing, using graffiti, bending prying jamming of lock, and other such abuse is not allowed. No items may be glued, taped or otherwise affixed to the locker.
  • FOOD – All food and drink must be entirely removed by the end of each school day. They attract pests.
  •  CLEANLINESS AND ORDER – The things stored in the locker must be kept in a clean and orderly condition.
  • LOCKER PROBLEMS – Students must report any locker problems to the Campus Security Team.
    • Failure to follow all of the above rules will result in consequences.  Consequences range from loss of use of the locker for a specified period of time to complete forfeiture of locker privileges.