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Mission & Vision


At CPMS, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing learning environment.Our students create innovate and achieve excellence by exploring their world.


We are a diverse school that strives to effectively educate all students in a safe environment so that each will contribute to and benefit from our local global community.

Expectations Of Positive Character Traits:

  1. We are committed of effectively education all students so that they will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society.
  2. Our students will develop self-confidence, respect for diversity and an appreciation for life-long learning.
  3. They will become critical and creative thinkers with the ability to make good choices as productive and caring members of the local and global communities.


  1. Start with students
  2. Families are our partners
  3. Diversity is our strength
  4. Success is in the classroom
  5. Effective teaching, leadership and accountability are the keys to our success.

CPMS Instruction Technology Vision

At CPMS, we envision every student to be issued a device, 1:1, using technology to further a learning community where,
CPMS students are engaged in a challenging curriculum that is interdisciplinary and Project-Based Learning.Our students are comfortable and confident using technology.CPMS students will develop 21st Century skills that encourage them to become inspired, self-reliant, productive Digital Citizens. By creating a personalized learning setting our students will be empowered to take responsibility and ownership of their own educational success.
CPMS teachers use technology to support all learning across the curriculum.They function as facilitators, mentors, advocates, and managers of information. Through ongoing and comprehensive professional development, all teachers will acquire the knowledge and skills to  integrate technology into a challenging interdisciplinary and project-based curriculum that addresses our students specific needs development levels, and learning styles, hence a personalized learning environment.
Administrative functions, including those performed by instructional staff, are fully digital and automated, thereby allowing more of the school system's energy and resources to be focused on student education.
CPMS becomes an environment where all students and staff have ready access to a full range of current technology, software tools, and applications. Further, CPMS has knowledgeable staff and external resources (parents, community members, local businesses, higher education institution, and network resources) to further the curriculum goals.